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About Us

Board Members

President - Barb Meismer

Vice President - Tomas England

Secretary - MaKenzi Spurgin

Treasurer - Vance Nelson

Sharon Ott

Sue Schilz

Rod Ruzanic

Kendra Caskey

Ginny Steinke

Tawny Craig

Gary Bush

Jan Haggard

Kathy Schultze

The Keith County Historical Society was organized at a meeting on January 29, 1962 with the following objectives.

- To obtain a museum 
- To promote historical tours in the area 
- To restore, preserve and recreate historical buildings 
- Mark historical sites 
- Commemorate anniversaries and events 
-To publish a newsletter for members 
- To gather history and encourage historical research 
- To gather information from early settlers and citizens of the county 

The Mansion on the Hill was added to the Keith County Historical Society inventory in 1967 meeting the first objective of obtaining a museum.

To continue the maintenance of the Victorian House on the Hill as a community attraction.
To update the inventory of the contents of the Mansion on the Hill 
To standardize the format for accepting donated historical items for the Mansion. 

To transfer historical information and pictures to electronic formats by scanning existing information and pictures from the KCHS collections. 

To coordinate access of historical information between the Goodall City Library and the Keith County Historical Society. 

To construct a web-page with a searchable site informing people of the Ogallala Mansion on the Hill along with information about the Keith County Historical Society. 

To continue to seek funding to support the preservation of the Mansion on the Hill and the activities as listed above. 

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